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What Qualifies Someone To Become Miss India.

There is nothing thrilling like becoming the best miss universe or miss world or miss something in this planet of ours as this one makes the person to be respected and embraced by many. A Miss universe is someone who travels and moves around since this is a demanding job that makes people get to know so many places plus they make good money out of that. Fame is sweet and fame makes someone become respect of which they get known around the world and earn more money of which that is a good thing. People should understand that becoming a celebrity needs hard work and tolerance to make them successful.

Many women have been trying to become Miss something of which some of them failed due to wrong qualities. Miss India is the best job any Indian girl would wish for that’s why many Indians have tried to apply for this job only to fail from their features. The first thing to be considered is the age of the woman, this should be from 18-25 years of which many tend not to know about this thinking that they are suitable from any age. The reason, why they go for younger age, is because they believe they are flexible and easy to maneuver in this hectic and wanting industry. The height should read 5’5” and beyond this is the average height of most in this title and of which it is said to be like that for decades now. The reason why they chose this height is because it is the average of all and it suits the title.

This is because the title is so demanding of which doesn’t need any destruction from the other partner. If you are a married woman then forget it as you cannot qualify to work as Miss India, actually only single young ladies are. Single and unengaged women are perfect for the job since they are flexible and stress-free from any demands of which most of them feel okay about that. Also anyone interested in the Miss Indian position must be a citizen in the republic of India of which there must be good conduct and no criminal records whatsoever. More over the woman should be an Indian citizen in the overseas that too can be given a chance to participate in the Miss India competition. However for the runner up position the age of twenty-six and twenty-seven it the correct one as this is what makes them qualify for that position, beyond that sorry it’s a no.

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